Welcome to my site! My name is Cayce McCarthy and this is my literary journey.work photo

I have recently graduated from the University of South Carolina where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. I currently finished doing an internship with Fashion and Entertainment Media Magazine (F.E.M.M.) I was an Arts and Entertainment blogger and I cover topics on movie/tv show promotions, reviews, celebrity news (non-gossip), award shows, etc. I also did articles for our fashion, lifestyle, travel, and music blogs as well. This internship lasted from February of 2018 to March 2019. Here is where you can find some of my work for F.EM.M. and other sources include F.E.M.M.’s Twitter and Facebook page. I’ve even had a travel article that was accepted and published by the Lost To Live company. I love writing articles on these topics and would love to help future clients who may be in need of a blogger to cover such topics. I am able to write for future employers either remotely or will gladly move to the area where the job takes place.