Art Festival Shooting in Trenton, New Jersey.

This is the article I did for F.E.M.M, a few days ago.


Image of the crime scene from








Tragedy befell the Art All Night festival, originally for local artists to display their talents in Trenton, New Jersey when two men fired into the festival crowd. One of the shooters was killed on scene by the police while the other has been taken into custody. The man who was killed had also been previously released from prison on homicide charges and the other man, now in custody, has been charged with weapon offenses. Twenty-two people, including a teenager, were injured as a result of what the prosecutor Angelo Onofri says, was gang-related. Out of all the shootings that have happened in the past few years from the Vegas shooting, the Parkland shooting, and the shootings in Texas this is reportedly the first to be gang-related.
Commentary: Gang violence or not, it is still a horrible situation to happen to anyone and it seems these shootings are becoming more and more rampant while people seem to care less and less. It seems there’s a vicious cycle of shootings, pray for (insert name of where a shooting happened) hashtags, screaming for gun control, nothing happens, and repeat. But why does this keep happening? Clearly, there is a gun problem in this country and it doesn’t help that people from both political parties haven’t been working together to solve problems all Americans are facing. It feels like both sides only care about their parties and less about the American people, yes this includes Democrats despite them pushing for more gun control laws.

Image of shooting cycle from

Even actress Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation recently talked about some of these issues in an interview as well and she even states how more people are beginning to care less about what’s happening in the world. The mayor of Trenton, Eric Jackson, quoted these shootings as mental health problems but the major problem is brushing the events off as that when no one even cares about mental health! Two major celebrities, Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain just committed suicide and people have just been sending out their hashtags as if celebrity suicide is some sort of trend. The majority of the media and people need to stop hiding mass murderers (because that is what they are) behind a mental ill shield when people barely acknowledge humans with mental illness. People see them as lazy and seeking attention and all they have to do is smile and be happy or just go out in the sunshine.
Most of them have never ever had the urge to go on a killing spree despite the media making it appear that way. In fact, most cases of mental health like depression and anxiety are not associated with murder and in all actuality, the mental illnesses that are related more to killings and crime are psychopathy and sociopathy. Regardless a sizable number of those people ultimately do not become murders, and in some cases do not commit any crimes. Always comparing murderers with the mentally ill is only making the image of the mentally ill worse than it already is.







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