Domics Gaming Cafe.

Image of Domics’ Gaming Cafe banner.

Hey Femms. For this evening’s blog post I’ll be sharing with you guys some news coming from the YouTube channel, Domics. Domics is basically a draw my life series created by Dominic, Dom, Panganiban who lives in Canada. Dom started doing comics online before he started doing animation on YouTube. The name Domics comes from combining the wordage of Dominic’s comics. Even though he wasn’t doing comics anymore he already had a platform associated with that name and kept it. Dom has been creating videos since 2012. He just recently reached a milestone of 5 million subscribers.

To celebrate this achievement Dom created a two-minute video that promoted his opening of a game board café. If you’ve seen his videos then you know that Dom is seriously into gaming; whether it was PlayStation, online, Nintendo, or his favorite, Dance Dance Revolution (D.D.R.) It appears that he is calling the café, Domics’ G.G.! Gaming Café, that will be in Mississauga Toronto, Canada. Don’t worry though, he will still be uploading his animations on YouTube as well as running the café. The café will be opening later this month.




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