Dog Gone Cute. Tom Holland.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' film photocall, London, UK
Image of Holland with his dog Tessa from

Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man in the MCU is known for his sweet and kind heart and his love for dogs. In fact, his Pitbull Tessa has been seen with him at press interviews, red carpet events, and pictures all over his social media accounts. Just recently Holland posted a picture of himself and a stray he found on the set of his latest film, The Devil All The Time, on his Instagram asking the owners to contact him to get their dog back. He also notes that if no owners show up that he’ll gladly adopt the cute pup. The dog is a beagle mix and Holland has pictures of himself sitting with the dog and giving the dog some cuddles.
Hopefully, the dog’s family is found but if not the dog will be in great hands. Despite being busy with promoting End Game that comes out next month, he’s also working on this new film, and then will have to promote Spider-Man Far From Home as well. But Holland does a great job taking care of Tessa that I’m sure he’ll do great with this one. I also believe that Tessa would love to have a new dog friend to keep her company when her master Holland does have to spend time away from her. Two dogs are more fun to have and can really enjoy each other if their owner has a crazy work schedule.


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