Frozen 2 Trailer Release.

Image of the Frozen character in the sequel trailer from

The Frozen fever continues to rise with the all-new Frozen 2 trailer release. The trailer is very vague as to what the sequel will be about, as is the plot summary. All that’s known about the sequel so far is that Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf will be traveling deep into the forest to discover an ancient mystery of their kingdom. In the trailer itself, Elsa appears to be training and expanding her magic abilities while both Anna and Kristoff seem on edge to fight someone or something. There’s one part in the trailer that looks Elsa may or may not be surrounded by fire.
Could there be another person out there that has elemental powers like Elsa, but they can control fire? Who knows, people will just have to wait for more trailers to come out. I’m not entirely positive about this but, I’m guessing they’ll be adding more Scandinavian folklore and Germanic mythology into the story. In the first film, they include the mythical rock troll creatures, however, unlike in the film, these creatures in mythology aren’t as friendly. In fact, they tend to kidnap children and keep them hostage so, no they don’t adopt “orphan” kids.
Also, as far as the elemental powers, Frozen is based off an old fairy tale that is known as the Snow Queen and the whole elemental thing can be found in different mythologies around the world. But considering that the world of Frozen is technically taking place in Norway it’s safe to assume that the driving mythology here is Germanic or Norse myth. And in Norse myth, there is a race or group of people that have elemental powers that are known as the Ettins (depending on the source) and for some unknown reason, these are seen as dangerous to the gods. One of the more well-known Ettins is the god Loki; he’s the god of tricks, magic, and fire. So, perhaps in this new film, they’ll have more mythology within the story to explain more about Elsa’s gifts.

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