Palace of Versailles Summer Dance Festival.

Palace of Versailles
Image of the palace from

The palace of Versailles is hosting a rave party for the first ever this summer of 2019. The party will take place in the Hall of Mirrors and will feature popular DJs in France. The palace of Versailles teamed up with Ed Banger records to host this event for June 8th. There are three different ticket packages, the cheapest being $25. But of course if one is traveling across the pond or from another country within Europe one is going to have to pay for plane tickets, other transport, hotel/hostel/Airbnb rooms, and other expenditures such as food.
The Versailles has always been a popular place for parties ever since the reign of Louis XIV. The palace has been hosting parties ever since and one of the more popular ones is their masquerade ball, however, this is the first time the palace has hosted a rave with electro dance music. Some of the French DJs attending include Breakbot x Irfane, Myd, and So Me. The main dance will be held in the Hall of Mirrors but the terraces over the gardens will also become dance floors for people to dance to during the night. This festival marks the traditional celebration of the Sun King.

Image of the Hall of Mirrors from

The festival is being held on June 8th at 10:30 p.m. The tickets costs vary from a basic entry ticket, a VIP, and a Gold Ticket. The entry ticket costs between €22 to €30 (about $25 to $34 USD) for general admission and the VIP ticket cost around €60 (about $68), which includes access to the VIP area and bar, seating, a glass of champagne, and a reserved parking space. The Gold ticket costs around €160 (about $180), which includes access to the Gold lounge and bar, seating, two glasses of champagne, buffet, and a reserved parking space within the park of Versailles. The rest of the event information can be seen on the Versailles website.


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