TNT’s New Mystery Mini-Series I Am the Night.

Image of Pine and actress India Eisley from COURTESY OF TNT

Chris Pine has a new TV mini-series coming to TNT called I Am the Night. This show was inspired by true events surrounding the infamous case of the Black Dahlia murder. Pine’s character is a reporter, Jay Singletary, who looked into the mysterious murder and it ended up ruining his career, however, Pine’s character is only a subplot in this series. The main character is a girl named Fauna Hodel who grew up outside Reno, Nevada. Reno always wondered about her family and where she came from until one day she found an adoption paper proving her suspicions to be true.
This proof only causes Reno to become more curious as to who her original family is as she runs away to solve her own mysterious origins. Reno runs into reporter Jay who was tipped off about the girl and her possible relations to the Black Dahlia case. When both of them keep looking for answers they soon discover that Hollywood has some dark secrets being held by gynecologist Dr. George Hodel who shares Reno’s last name. One of the dark secrets surrounds the cold case of the Black Dahlia and possibly why Reno was given up at birth. This series comes out sometime this January and will have eight episodes in total.

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