YouTuber Lilly Singh Gets Her Own Talk Show.

Lilly Singh Headshot 2017 croped_0
Image of Lilly Singh from Courtesy Lilly Singh. 

Youtuber Lilly Singh will be the first woman to be getting her own late night talk show on NBC. Her show will be called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” Singh will be taking over the Carson Daly spot and her show will premier this upcoming September. She is the first female to be the host of a talk show on a major network and she’s also one of the few women of color and queer women to be a host. Singh is also excited and looking forward to having her own show and has expressed her enjoyment that being an Indian Canadian woman with her own show is a huge achievement.
This news was announced this past Thursday on “The Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon. Late nigh host Seth Meyers was also there, and he and Fallon held a champagne toast for Singh to welcome her to the network. The three of them took a photo of the moment together and Fallon even joked it was like a family photo. According to NBC Singh’s new show will hold interviews with celebrities and have comedy skits as well. Singh herself is very experienced in comedy and has already done tons of YouTube collaborations with celebrities, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as well. Congratulations Lilly! Your show is bond to be a hit.

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