Pippi’s Long Over Due Return.



Finally, after thirty-one years, Pippi Longstocking is returning to the United States on the big screen. The creators of the Paddington live-action films are going to begin working on a film about the beloved book character written by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi is a famous energetic and magical redhead girl known for her red pigtails, freckles, and of course stockings. Creators of Paddington are hoping to bring the lively spirit of their Paddington films to their Pippi Longstocking film. As of right now, there is no known release date for this film.

Pippi is mostly famous in Sweden but gained popularity in the U.S. during the 1940s; especially after her 1940 film debut. There have been a few more films about her, the most iconic being the 1988 film, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. There have also been two animated series, a few tv movies, and the character had her series back in Sweden. Pippi lives alone in her father’s old home while he sails on the high seas as a sort of pirate explorer. Pippi comes up with her magical games and ways to take care of the house and her two animal friends Alfonso the horse and Mr. Nilsson the monkey.

Pippi’s occupancy in the house draws the attention of the two neighboring children Tommy and Annika who soon become close friends with Pippi. Together they play all sorts of games and go on grand adventures together. But of course, living on your own can draw the attention of certain people; especially when you have pirate treasure hidden somewhere in your home. Thankfully Pippi is clever enough to keep wily thieves away. It’ll be interesting to see Pippi on the big screen after all these years and to see what kind of new twist the Paddington creators could give the classic character.

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