A Joker Film Review.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After seeing the new Joker film myself last night I’m about to go against most critics when I say the film was pretty bad. Yes, the acting and cinematography were intriguing but other than that the movie was too slow and boring. Now, of course, I was not expecting this to be like the typical superhero action film with the explosions, high-speed chases, or epic fight scenes. I knew before watching this film that this version was going to show more of the psychosis of Joker. The film did manage to show several mental problems the Joker had, but that was all it did.

Honestly, I was expecting more wheeling and dealing going on from Joker himself by teaming up with Gotham’s crime lords or being the leader of an anarchy occult, or something, but none of that happened. I don’t want to spoil the film too much but all he does is flit from one scene to the next and has his moments of pure malice and murder. Some of the scenes could have been cut down a bit because dragging them out didn’t add to the plot. I guess the film was trying to show how the Joker has no rhyme or reason to do things causing people to think he just loves to revel in chaos and the film does show a bit of that but for me, it was dumb. I know Joker is crazy and loves chaos, but I feel like I didn’t see that in this film.

      I just saw a character who did manage to cause the city to go crazy but most of the population was already unstable themselves and it had nothing to do with Joker. Most of the city already hated the rich and blamed them for their problems but it was Joker’s first accidental crime that pushed them to all begin to riot. Also, the director said he wanted to help bring awareness to mental health and he did hit the target, but he did not land the bullseye. To me the film made mental illness seem artistic when it’s not nor should it be seen as such. In short, don’t fix what ain’t broke and Joker has never broke.

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