Domics Gaming Cafe.

Image of Domics’ Gaming Cafe banner.

Hey Femms. For this evening’s blog post I’ll be sharing with you guys some news coming from the YouTube channel, Domics. Domics is basically a draw my life series created by Dominic, Dom, Panganiban who lives in Canada. Dom started doing comics online before he started doing animation on YouTube. The name Domics comes from combining the wordage of Dominic’s comics. Even though he wasn’t doing comics anymore he already had a platform associated with that name and kept it. Dom has been creating videos since 2012. He just recently reached a milestone of 5 million subscribers.

To celebrate this achievement Dom created a two-minute video that promoted his opening of a game board café. If you’ve seen his videos then you know that Dom is seriously into gaming; whether it was PlayStation, online, Nintendo, or his favorite, Dance Dance Revolution (D.D.R.) It appears that he is calling the café, Domics’ G.G.! Gaming Café, that will be in Mississauga Toronto, Canada. Don’t worry though, he will still be uploading his animations on YouTube as well as running the café. The café will be opening later this month.




A Never Ending Story Remake.

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Who here remembers the Never-Ending Story trilogy? For most of us, this film was a part of our childhood. The magic of a kid escaping his world and into a book’s world while befriending a dragon that helped him on an adventure for an empress was such a classic. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a remake of the film in development right now. I know some are you are probably upset that they’re redoing a classic childhood movie but at least wait to see the trailer first before not giving it a chance. You know, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
For those of you who don’t remember the plot or haven’t seen the movie trilogy yet here’s a plot summary for you. The plot follows the life of a boy named Bastian Balthazar Bux who often faces bullies every day at school. One day he discovers a book that contains a parallel universe. The more he immerses himself in the story the more his life becomes intertwined with the plot of the book. The plot tells the story of a hero who is supposed to save the realm of Fantasia on behalf of an empress. After I saw the A Wrinkle in Time remake, along with the other remakes such as CinderellaBeauty and the Beast, and the Jungle Book I can say that the remake will bring better graphics to the story. Not to worry though, they probably won’t change the plot too much.

Image of Falkor and Bastian 

I mainly want to see what Falkor will look like since he was a puppet in the original. I also think this story should be told to a generation that might not know about it yet since it still covers important topics and situations kids face today. Situations like how to deal with bullies and discovering yourself. It also teaches kids that books are a great escape from reality but also great teachers that can help you understand the world around you. Especially if the book character relates to you in some way or you look up to the protagonists in the book. This film is still in development so there won’t be a release date or trailer out anytime soon. That’s all for this blog post ‘til next time Femm readers.

Stunning Stunt Woman. by Cayce McCarthy. Arts and Entertainment Blogger.

Article from 2/24/18

black panther
Image of Janeshia Adams-Ginyard from by Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard is one of the many stunt doubles from the Black Panther film. In fact, Ginyard played as a member of the Dora Milaje warriors in the film and was the stunt double for Okoye. The Milaje warriors are an elite female team of guardians who are sworn to protect their king, The Black Panther, and their homeland Wakanda. Okoye, who’s played by Danai Gurira, was T’Challa’s general in the film and the leader of the Milaje warriors. The weapon of choice for these warriors was a spear so, to prepare for the role, Ginyard, Gurira, and the other women playing the Milaje warriors practiced with a bo staff eight hours a day.
A bo staff is basically a long cylinder stick with flat ends. It is also known as a jo staff as well. Together they did drills and different movements so they could look like a clear unit in the film. Ginyard talks about how the casino scene in the film was intense because Okoye not only used her spear but used her wig as a weapon as well.

Image of Ginyard from 

Ginyard was an athlete who had experience in running track, wrestling, Taekwondo, and was a part of the US National Bobsled team in 2006. Ginyard had moved back home to California when she decided to become a stunt double after seeing a really bad stuntman running unrealistically in a film. With her experience running track she knew she could do better and wanted to try it out. Ginyard explains further in the video that as a stunt double you might want to have some experience in gymnastics or how to safely land so you don’t hurt yourself. She chose to do basic floor tumbling. This is where you mainly focus on groundwork such as front flips, back flips, back handsprings, cartwheeling, etc. Ginyard’s career paths lead her to stunt roles for American Horror StoryTrue Blood and Fear the Walking Dead.

The 72nd Tony Award Show and the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS fundraiser.


Image of Tony Awards banner from goldderby.comv

Broadway’s 72nd Tony Awards will air, live Sunday, June 10th at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York. Those at home can catch the show on CBS at 8/7 p.m. Tony award nominees, Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles will host the show this year. Groban is a singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer while Bareilles is a singer-songwriter who most known for her song “Love Song” and more recently starred in “Jesus Christ Super Star” with John Legend.
The show will also be holding two separate fundraisers for the evening. The Tony’s will raise money for theater education while the after party by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and their Leadership Council will raise money to help provide medications, health care, meals, counseling, and emergency assistance to men, women, and children across the country. The organization is one of the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organizations. They’ve been raising money for their charity with the help of the American theater company since 1988. Since then Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has raised more than $285 million for essential service for people who have HIV/AIDS and other serious sicknesses in all 50 states and Puerto Rico while also awarding annual grants to more than 450 AIDS and family organizations nationwide. Furthermore, this charity is also a major supporter of the social service programs at The Actors Fund, including the HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative, and the AI Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic.

   The Tony’s will have amazing guest appearances such as Robert De Niro, Matt Bomer, Claire Danes, Billy Joel, Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory for example. Bruce Springsteen is being honored with a special Tony Award for his one-man Broadway show, “Springsteen.” Springsteen is also expected to perform for the evening. Two more people who are up to receive a special Tony are Chita Rivera and Andrew Lloyd Webber for the Lifetime Achievement in the Theater Award. Webber is responsible for the popular shows “Cats”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Webber also has the number one show that still runs on Broadway to this day is, “Phantom of the Opera”.
Chita Rivera is an accomplished actress, singer, and dancer who has won two Tony Awards in the Best Leading Actress category and had 10 other nominations as well. Speaking of nominations there are a lot of shows that have been nominated but the top two shows with the most nominations are “Mean Girls,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical.” Both shows are up for 12 nominations.

Art Festival Shooting in Trenton, New Jersey.

This is the article I did for F.E.M.M, a few days ago.


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Tragedy befell the Art All Night festival, originally for local artists to display their talents in Trenton, New Jersey when two men fired into the festival crowd. One of the shooters was killed on scene by the police while the other has been taken into custody. The man who was killed had also been previously released from prison on homicide charges and the other man, now in custody, has been charged with weapon offenses. Twenty-two people, including a teenager, were injured as a result of what the prosecutor Angelo Onofri says, was gang-related. Out of all the shootings that have happened in the past few years from the Vegas shooting, the Parkland shooting, and the shootings in Texas this is reportedly the first to be gang-related.
Commentary: Gang violence or not, it is still a horrible situation to happen to anyone and it seems these shootings are becoming more and more rampant while people seem to care less and less. It seems there’s a vicious cycle of shootings, pray for (insert name of where a shooting happened) hashtags, screaming for gun control, nothing happens, and repeat. But why does this keep happening? Clearly, there is a gun problem in this country and it doesn’t help that people from both political parties haven’t been working together to solve problems all Americans are facing. It feels like both sides only care about their parties and less about the American people, yes this includes Democrats despite them pushing for more gun control laws.

Image of shooting cycle from

Even actress Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation recently talked about some of these issues in an interview as well and she even states how more people are beginning to care less about what’s happening in the world. The mayor of Trenton, Eric Jackson, quoted these shootings as mental health problems but the major problem is brushing the events off as that when no one even cares about mental health! Two major celebrities, Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain just committed suicide and people have just been sending out their hashtags as if celebrity suicide is some sort of trend. The majority of the media and people need to stop hiding mass murderers (because that is what they are) behind a mental ill shield when people barely acknowledge humans with mental illness. People see them as lazy and seeking attention and all they have to do is smile and be happy or just go out in the sunshine.
Most of them have never ever had the urge to go on a killing spree despite the media making it appear that way. In fact, most cases of mental health like depression and anxiety are not associated with murder and in all actuality, the mental illnesses that are related more to killings and crime are psychopathy and sociopathy. Regardless a sizable number of those people ultimately do not become murders, and in some cases do not commit any crimes. Always comparing murderers with the mentally ill is only making the image of the mentally ill worse than it already is.







Benedict Cumberbatch Heroism On and Off Screen Helps Uber Driver Save a Victim of Violence

ben_1 (1)
Image of actor Benedict Cumberbatch from

Uber driver Manuel Dais was driving two clients in his car through London when he and his passengers spotted an innocent man being attacked by four men on Marylebone High St., just a few blocks away from a Sherlock Holmes statue. According to Dais, he witnessed a biker on a food delivery getting jumped by four street men. That’s when the male passenger in his car jumped out to defend the poor biker. At that moment Dais realized that his client was none other than Benedict Cumberbatch who he recognized as BBC’s Sherlock Holmes and his wife, Sophie Hunter.
Ironically enough Cumberbatch and the driver helped the man a corner away from the famous Baker St. Dais shared the story with media, stating, “I had hold of one lad and Benedict another. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave. He did most of it, to be honest.” Dais also states that they tried to hit Cumberbatch, but he pushed them away and that’s when the four of them probably realized who he was and got away. Thankfully all three men walked away without serious injuries. 

According to the police report, the victim was attacked around 9:30 pm local time as the man was trying to make a delivery on his bike when he was approached by the four men. One of the men attempted to grab the victim’s bike which caused the biker to hop off and take off his helmet in hopes to defend himself. Unfortunately, he was punched in the face, hit in the head, and hit with his own helmet. The police specifically state the attackers got away, there were no arrests, no one went to the hospital, and they made no reports of Cumberbatch being there, however, the victim’s company Deliveroo tweeted a thank you to Cumberbatch.
There are still some untold parts of the story though. None of Cumberbatch’s people have given comment on it, his wife has kept silent, and Cumberbatch hasn’t spoken out much about what happened that night. The Sun, talked to him about that night and asked Cumberbatch about his part in the situation to which he only said, “I did it out of, well, I had to, you know?”

I would just like to say, good on you Mr. Cumberbatch. You are a talented actor, but also a man with a beautiful, brave heart. Thank you for being you.  

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