Could Disturbed Lead Singer Finally Add Rock to Superbowl?

Rockfile Radio Rock Files: Happy Birthday DAVID DRAIMAN ...
Image of Draiman from

     Billboard has recently released a poll on their twitter account “Who Should Sing The National Anthem Before The Superbowl 2020,” and lead singer of Disturbed has decided to throw his hat into the ring. David Draiman has dreamed of singing the National Anthem ever since he was a child. Draiman explains in an interview with Loudwire that he’s always dreamed of this opportunity and would love to perform the song because of his deep love for his country. Draiman’s fans are all for the idea of him singing before the game. Draiman asked fans to add his name in the poll posted by Billboard on the band’s Facebook and Twitter page.

Fans agree that it’s about time that rock was included in one of America’s greatest games. Draiman would be the first rock singer to perform before the big game that will be held in Miami. Fans aren’t the only ones who believe that rock should finally be included. After it was announced that pop singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira would be performing the half time show Dee Snider tweeted out how rock is “the go-to music during games but gets no respect when it comes to the Super Bowl.” He has a point because if anyone has ever been to a game different rock songs can be heard throughout different intervals of the sporting event.

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